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Teaching the Principles that are Responsible for America's Great Success.




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We welcome all interested persons who want to become actively involved in the great work of educating students. It is not necessary to have previous teaching experience as our training and teaching materials will prepare everyone for successful teaching experiences. The greatest need is to have volunteers with a passion for liberty, a deep appreciation of the Founding Fathers and most definitely a belief that the Constitution is of great worth to defend. Come join other patriots in a most rewarding and gratifying experience of educating the next generation of Americans.

There is considerable preparation time needed by all volunteers to study the Constitution and attend a Teacher Training Workshop. You can review the material on this website and go to "Contact Us" to call or email for more information. Anyone interested is welcome to observe a CitC lesson being taught in a classroom. We arrange for all new teachers to begin with team teaching with an experienced teacher as part of their training. The CitC leadership and teachers are anxious to welcome many new participants to join our team.

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Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!