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CitC Philosophy

The founders of the volunteer organization, Constitution in the Classroom, recognize the need to provide the opportunity for children and adults to rediscover the true American history that gave this nation its enviable liberties through the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. As government has taken over education across this country, young minds have been exploited with miss-education or under-education on principles of liberty and historical facts. Powerful governments have always used coercive education to serve their purposes and to suppress individuality. They benefit by keeping certain knowledge away from students which might give them incentive to rise up against their control in favor of more liberty. Governments benefit from blind allegiance and therefore direct education to teach young minds what to think rather than how to think. The obvious goal is to ensure future obedience of citizens who are willing to accept rule by force. This can only be accomplished by stifling free-thinking through a controlled education that indoctrinates children with government values and acceptance of statism.

Maintaining a free society can only be accomplished by a great deal of the right kind of education. CitC leaders clearly see the huge hole in current education on historical facts and principles of liberty that must be understood for citizens to be capable of living independently and to responsibly supporting self-government. Filling this need is the passion and purpose for creating a team of teachers empowered to teach historical truth. CitC believes that the purpose of government is to protect the unalienable rights of every person. Every child has a right to have an education based on true facts from history on matters that affect their freedom and their form of government. They cannot make responsible choices without understanding the difference between statism verses Free Market Economy under the Constitution. They cannot relate economic principles to real needs in their lives unless they are taught of the potentially destructive consequences of a government seeking to control economics.

CitC lessons are prepared around core principles of liberty and teach ideas that are drawn from original quotes of the Founders in order to tap into the wisdom that led them to setting up a government with power reserved in the people. Volunteer teachers are not instructed on a point of view, they are directed to study original documents and discover the success formula that created a nation that came to be known as "The Land of Opportunity." It is the country that led the world in the amazing technology leap through Free Market Economics and by promotion of individual liberty. CitC lessons advocate preserving the ingenious Constitution and the freedoms that it granted in order to keep such good things going.



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!