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Teaching the Principles that are Responsible for America's Great Success.




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Participating Schools

Schools Taught By CitC

Desert Vista Elementary/Apache Junction Public School; Two 6th grade classes

Williams Field High School; 10th - 12th grades - 5 classes

Noah Webster/Mesa; Five 5th grade classes

Noah Webster/Pima; Two 5th grade classes

Challenger Basic; Eight 3rd - 6th grades classes

Val Vista Lakes Elementary, Gilbert; three 5th grade classes

Liberty Arts Academy; Five 3rd -8th grade classes

Burke Basic; Four 5th grades and three 6th grades classes

New Horizon; Three 4th - 6th grade classes

Longfellow Elementary/Mesa Public School; Three 5th grades

Montessori; 4th -6th grade class (5 lessons); 1st -3rd graded class (Constitution Day Presentation)

San Tan Charter; One 4th grade class

Maricopa Pathways/EDKEY; Three 5th and Five 8th grade classes

Pathfinder/EDKEY; Five 3rd - 8th grade classes

Happy Valley East High School; One 9th- 12th grade class

Grace Community/Tempe; One 8th grade class

Apache Junction Boys & Girls Club; summer classes 3rd - 10th

American Heritage Academy; Camp Verde; Three groups - 3rd -4th, 5th -6th , 7th -8th, grade classes (Constitution Day Presentation)

Kimber Academy; mixed ages of home school students

Home School groups - Heritage Christian, Glendale, Phoenix - 5 classes

American Family Education; mixed age of home school students

Archway Classic Academy; 5th grade - One class

Ahwatukee Republican Club Students; One class mixed ages



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!