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CitC History

Constitution in the Class-room (CitC) started in February, 2012. A group of individuals who had a background in Constitutional study came together with the recommendation to find a way to teach more comprehensive lessons on the Constitution to students in their classrooms. Ken Jackson became the leading organizer and brought in Sandi Reid, a retired junior high history teacher, who took great interest in the project. Sarah Rowse, Gene Dufoe and Cindy Biggs joined the group to help develop the curriculum and promote the new organization. Sandi Reid began offering classes on the Constitution for individuals interested in becoming volunteer teachers and to be more knowledgeable on the Constitution.

This deeply patriotic group focused on teaching the Founderís principles of liberty and the success formula that laid out the proper role of government. Age appropriate curriculum was developed with PowerPoint lessons created by Sarah Rowse and Sandi Reid. Many activities, stories and teaching tools were developed to enhance the lesson presentations. Trial lessons were given in classrooms and improvements made over many months of use. The first Teacherís Manual was prepared for print in 2013 to provide an effective tool for many more volunteers to become presenters. New teachers, Adrienne Weiss, Verl Farnsworth, Rebecca Jarman, Rhonda Smith, Marilyn Crittenden, Nathan Phelps, Bonnie Rogde, Carol Wyatt and Lorie DeNapoli contributed ideas for lesson activates and improvements as they gained experience in classrooms.

Thanks to a strong networking system led by Ken Jackson, new teachers were recruited and trained. Their experience has proven that this organization can successfully grow and build a large team of teachers. CitC is now training volunteer teachers monthly to meet the demand for these important lessons to be taught to hundreds of children.

The high school lessons were prepared in early 2015 by Sarah, with input from Sandi and Verl. The Arizona legislature had passed the law requiring students to pass the Civics Test in order to graduate. We found that a majority of the questions were covered in our lesson material. With the addition of a few more facts, our lessons covered 90% of the test and then had the advantage of preparing students for the exam as well as valuable teaching of the Constitution. Sarah developed a workbook for all five lessons to help students become engaged in the lessons and have study material to keep.

The time came for Sandi Reid to retire from teaching the adult Constitution study group so with help from her and Verl, Sarah created a new set of PowerPoint lessons to continue offering these important classes. A workbook was prepared for them using the many handouts prepared by Sandi. Nathan Phelps became the lead adult teacher along with Verl, Sarah, Cindy and Adrienne.

The next major accomplishment was the filming of the Teacher Training Workshop. Sarah directed these sessions with the help of videographer, Karen Sundt. CitC can now train volunteers outside the metro valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Additional videos were made by Marc Jaremiasen of the adult Constitution study group for online use by new volunteers.

CitC teachers have taught at 22 schools with thousands of children having the opportunity to learn the principles of liberty espoused by the Founding Fathers. They have been introduced to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in a fun and interesting way. CitC leaders continue their effort to train many more teachers and bring important lessons to thousands more children and adults.



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!