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Teaching the Principles that are Responsible for America's Great Success.




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Emeritus Adult Instructor: Sandra Dee Reid

Author of American history textbook, America Land of Principles and Promises; Retired history teacher; Notable speaker on Constitutional principles; Bachelor Degree in Statesmanship and Entrepreneurial Business from George Wythe College; Certified paralegal; Certified dispute resolution mediator for the Attorney Generalís office; The CitC organizer and director in the earliest years, teaching adult Constitution lessons to prepare volunteers to become teachers, overseeing the creation of the PowerPoint lessons and directing the Governing Board for 4 years.

Organizer: Ken Jackson

High school teacher in California 21 years; High school tennis coach for many years; Tennis professional for 40 years; much experience in building community tennis programs for children and adults; Helped organize CitC with small group wanting to teach the Constitution in school classes; Serves to contact school directors and teachers to set up teaching opportunities for CitC teachers and serves on the Governing Board.

CitC Manager and Lead Teacher: Verl Farnsworth

School Board Member in Bloomfield, NM for 8 years; Construction & Mining business owner for over 40 years; family man with wife, Barbara, and together the parents of 13 children; Label me a Patriot; Joined CitC shortly after its beginning and became a teacher and soon was called on to use management skills in scheduling lessons for schools; directs the techniqual needs and supplies for all classes and serves on the Governing Board.

Curriculum/Teacher Training/Lead Teacher: Sarah Rowse

Former Elementary Education Teacher; Extensive teaching experience in Primary and Cub Scouts; Mother of eight children with husband, Van; Home schooling mom for 10 years; Study of the Constitution and Principles of Liberty under Glen Kimber, Earl Taylor, Shane Krauser, and Sandi Reid over the past 30 years; Joined CitC early 2012 and began creating the PowerPoint lessons; Joined Sandi Reid as the first CitC teachers, became director of Teacher Training Workshops and serves on the Governing Board.

Treasurer: Gene Dufoe

Lifetime history buff; 35 years in the space, Missiles & helicopters business; Member of the Arizona Red Mt. Patriots; Member of Mesa Public Schools Facilities Planning Committee in 2012; Served 14 years as volunteer in MPS Flight Center at Salk and Lowell Elementary schools; MPS Volunteer of the Month- April 2010 and consistently attending MPS Board Work meetings for over 5 years; Joined CitC with the first group to help in many areas, becoming Treasurer for the organization, serves on the Governing Board.

Secretary and Lead Teacher: Cindy Biggs

Married to Senator Andy Biggs and a stay home mom with 6 children; Page for the Arizona House of Rep.; Precinct Committeeman 26 years; Campaign work for Gov. Mecham, Senator Biggs, and Matt Salmon for Gov.; County Island Fire District Board; Board member of United Families of Ariz.; Eagle Forum; Volunteer Constitution Week USA in Gilbert Arizona; Joined CitC with the earliest group, became one of the lead teachers and served on the Governing Board as first secretary

Lead Teacher and Assist New Teachers: Adrianne Weiss

Member of the Thomas Jefferson Center; Teaching the Constitution for 20 years in charter and private schools; Elementary school Reading Specialists; Married with 4 children; Joined CitC at its beginning and became one of the first teachers; Supervised the activity kit, assisted new teachers and served 4 years on the Governing Board.

Bonnie Rogde

Joined CitC in 2013 and became a lead teacher, current secretary on the Governing Board

Carol Wyatt and Lorie DeNapoli

Joined CitC in its early years and became a lead teaching team

Charlene and Con Higley

Charlene offered CitC service as an artist and created cartoon pictures for the Ant and Grasshopper story and multiple other pieces of clip art needed for PowerPoint lessons; she painted lifelike pictures of the "Bullet Proof George Washington" and "Caesar Rodney's Night Ride", she and her husband Con serve as a teaching team

Dinah Lundell

Joined CitC in its early years and became a lead teacher

Tony Mackelprang

Joined CitC in its early years and served on the advertising committee and is currently teaching



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!