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Teaching the Principles that are Responsible for America's Great Success.




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  • We welcome all patriots who want meaningful involvement in helping correct the political ills of this country. Becoming a teacher of the principles of liberty will bring incredible rewards.Students are hungry for the truths about the foundation of this great nation and why it brought greater freedom to the individual than any other nation.

  • Education of others starts with education of ourselves on core principles.You will need to prepare for this training by a careful study of the Constitution and the original intent of the Founding Fathers. With knowledge and understanding of the Founders, their ideas and their words, you are ready to teach students.

  • A great teacher can become the passionate "Patrick Henry" needed to inspire patriotic greatness in the next "Thomas Jefferson."We seek to grab student's attention to educate them on the principles of liberty.
  • CitC has worked many years to provide teaching tools that will enable hundreds of teachers to declare the message of freedom to thousands of students. This will empower them with the necessary knowledge to stand up for their rights.

  • CitC encourages all members to engage in much continued study of the Founders and the original documents after their introductory study.This ongoing education will serve two purposes, 1) improvement in your teaching ability and 2) greater knowledgeable to fulfilling your civic responsibilities in voting wisely! Additional reading will help in the challenge to change our own thinking and that of others.You can find CitC recommended reading on page 4 of the Resources booklet.



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!